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Bruce E. Todd

Director of Photography

Bruce is originally from Los Angeles but grew up in San Fernando Valley. He's the CEO of Lucky Black Skin Solutions & Lucky Black Media & Design. He studied Music at Fullerton College and later ventured into the field of Videography and Audio Engineering. He's currently the SOSG Director of Photography where he coordinates video and audio production on set.


Melisa  S. Williams Richards

Creative Director

Melisa was born & raised in St.Vincent & The Grenadines and holds her Bachelors in Arts Management, an Associate Degree in Performing Arts and a diploma in Digital Marketing. She currently lives in Jamaica, where she runs a boutique digital marketing agency called Kreative Good (formerly Artery E.A.S.T), alongside her husband Christof. She also works as Creative Director for the SOSG show.


Christof L. Richards

Director of Visual Effects

Christof is from Trinidad and Tobago but grew up in Jamaica. He currently holds a Bachelor of Music in Jazz & Popular Music Studies. He's a songwriter, music producer and video editor. He's Co-Founder of a boutique digital marketing agency called Artery  E.A.S.T and currently works as Director of Visual Effects for the SOSG Show. 


Our Team


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